• Medieval Shark


    You are a medieval shark and it is your goal to bring mayhem and destruction!

    Medieval Shark
  • Takeover


    Fight off enemy units and conquer all castles.

  • Hobo 6: Hell


    Hobo is stranded in hell. Help him take out the bad guys using all he's got!

    Hobo 6: Hell
  • Angry Birds Rio


    What happens when everybody's favorite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry!

    Angry Birds Rio
  • Happy Wheels


    Challenge to race to the exit of each level, getting hurt really really bad!!!

    Happy Wheels

This Week's New Selected Games

  • Crazy Rabbit

    Happy Easter Y'all! But where are the eggs? Maybe the Crazy Rabbit can find some in this funny platform jump and run game... Maybe not.

  • Red Warrior

    In this cute platform puzzler you are a kind of ninja block. Move your Red Warrior through the screen and flip them to reach faraway pl...

  • Advertising
  • Hellspin

    The skill game Hellspin is a hell of a Snake spin-off. Why? Because of the weird controls: Your circle rotates relative to the mouse po...

  • Somnium Exodus

    Where's a doctor when you need one? You wake up in a shuttered hospital, with no idea what happened in the dark adventure Somnium Exodu...

  • Circus Level Pack

    Let's go to the Circus!!! Help that green clown gnome to land into the little pool in the level pack of this funny physics puzzle game.

  • Funball

    Here's one for all the billiard fans of you. Use your mouse to set direction and power and fling your Funball to remove all the other b...

  • Concentric Holic

    'Concentric Holic is one tricky puzzle board game that starts challenging and gets even harder! All you have to do is to remove all squ...

  • Night Lights 2 After Dark

    The slow-paced platform puzzle game sequel Night Lights 2 works only After Dark! Push boxes and turn lights on and of to pave way to th...

  • Advertising
  • RectConnect

    Another really challenging puzzle board game is RectConnect. Use your mouse to slide sticky boxes in order to connect all the colored t...

  • J Tubeus Steam Adventures

    Allow me to introduce J. Tubeus, a petty bourgeois Steam Punk who stumbled into a real adventure... which demands pointing and clicking...

  • NY Rex

    Everybody hearts New York... even this giant Mr. T. Rex! Use WASD and mouse to stroll through cities, destroy stuff and eat up passers-...

  • Bunnyland

    Welcome to Bunny Land, the place of the happy rodents, at least if they get some carrots. BTW, that's your part in this physics puzzle ...

  • Super Strike Of Rage

    Enough of that bla blah, it's time to lambast your coworkers and release all your anger in the pixel beat em up game Super Strike Of Ra...

  • Colony Defenders 2

    Grow your colony and protect it against hordes of monsters by placing your towers in the epic turret defense game Colony Defenders 2.

  • Eat Rockets 2 Wizard

    These goblins are not only ugly, they're evil too. So the gotta eat some rockets. As a wizard you fire and guide bullets in this skill ...

  • Picross Madness

    A good way to waste coffee breaks for the next few weeks. Check numbers and click boxes in the Nonogram puzzle game Picross Madness.

  • Shape Shifter

    In the platform puzzle game Shape Shifter you can jump, run, crush and even eat blocks. Just morph into the character with the right sk...

  • Cover Orange Journey Pirates

    Cover your Oranges once again as the physics puzzle journey continues. Drop various objects to cover them from the pirate cloud's rain.

  • Artillerize

    Jump, run, drag and drop blocks, collect ammo and take control of the big cannons to take down the UFOs in the pixel art action game Ar...

  • How Dare You

    How Dare You!!! No one bothers the mighty guru! Take revenge on that shrimpy worm in this truly great launcher, distance and upgrade ga...

  • Last Ninja From Another Planet

    Mutants are about to conquer the earth and the only one who could stop them is a Last Ninja From Another Planet in this sliding puzzler...

  • Toms Cruise

    You are Tom, a guy who had one too many and does now have to find out what happened the other night. Join Tom's Cruise in this pnc adve...

  • Awesome Mushroom Hunter

    He only wanted to go on a harmless mushroom foray, but the Awesome Mushroom Hunter stumbled into an Awesome Mushroom Hunter hunt!

  • 2D World

    This skill game happens in a 2D World, but there IS a third dimension: Physics! Use the orbs to get all the green objects to their exit...

  • Yakuza Rising

    You are the Super Yakuza Boy in this pixel style action platform game. Use arrows and ZXC to run, jump and fight and master the levels.

  • Rock Paper Scissor Wizard

    Hey you scissor sisters, here's one for you. In this tricky platform puzzle game you are a wizard and can turn into rocks, papers and s...

  • Warlords Epic Conflict

    Life's a battlefield, this strategy war game too. Spawn your soldiers, defeat enemies and conquer the land in Warlords - Epic Conflict.

  • Cavern

    Enter the Cavern to escape the Cavern! Use your mouse to move and to solve little puzzles in this classic point and click adventure gam...

  • Nunchuck Charlie

    Watch out Chuck Norris cause here comes Nunchuck Charlie! Beat up funny creatures in this awesome brawler and save Mr. Teddington.

  • Loot Heroes

    Time to fill your bag of loot! Pick your Loot Hero and start fighting your way through the dungeons, use weapons and spell to defeat mo...

  • Tinysasters 2

    Create cities, farms, sawmills, temples and take care your civilization can resist natural disasters in Tinysasters 2 - Rise of the Nex...

  • Super Shogun Ninja

    Stroll through the darkest levels and eliminate all your enemies as soon as possible as the Super Shogun Ninja in this hell of a game.

  • Pillow City

    Peaceful Pillow City has changed! Zombies took over the place and you have to fight them while collecting stuff and searching for your ...

  • Vehicles 3 Car Toons

    You like cartoons? Then you must play Car Toons! Park your vehicles and push bad vehicles oof the screen in the physics puzzler Vehicle...

Action / Adventure Games

  • Black Light

    Get the little boy through the dark platform adventure game Black Light and watch him grow each level. Use WASD to move, mouse to click...

  • Tony Crazy Escape

    Tony Toon needs your help in this funny point and click adventure. Use mouse to guide him through another dimension and beat the wizard...

  • Brainless Monkey Rampage

    You are an evil monkey and it is your duty to destroy or strangle a targeted amount of people to complete each level. Earn points to ex...

  • Evolvo Plus

    Try to get at the top of the foodchain eating the smaller fishes to grow and eat more.

Sports Games

  • Catch of the day

    Lots of colorful fish to catch for your daily menu, but only the right fish qualify for catch of the

  • 1 on 1 Soccer

    Compete with your opponent in a 1 on 1 soccer match. Goooallllll...

  • Rope Jumping

    Nail the timing and be queen of the playground! Hit the rope 3 times and it's game over. How to play: Click on the yellow button to jum...

  • Wonderputt

    Use your mini golf skills to complete the amazing 3D golf course in as less strokes possible.

Puzzle Games

  • Starlight

    Select a game mode and use mouse to rotate the stars until they form a picture!

  • The Towers of Legend

    In the classic boardgame The Towers Of Legend you have to remove the Mahjongg tiles from the board as fast as possible to set the highe...

  • Duck and Roll

    Chop objects to get the duck into the water, as you grab all the stars. Annoying mid-level ads.

  • Brilliant Crystals

    Basically, the puzzle game Brilliant Crystals is another Bubble Puzzle shooter... but it comes with loads of extra magic!

Shoot 'em up Games

  • Flaming Zombooka 2

    Kill all zombies each level with the use of your rocket launcher. Collet the power-ups and use the items in the levels to succeed.

  • Flaming Zombooka 2: The Level Pack

    Kill the zombies with your rocket launcher and shoot the brains for points. You can't kill the Super Zombies with your rocket launcher,...

  • SWAT: Awesome Edition

    You are a sniper stickman and it is your goal to complete all missions and kill as much enemy units as possible. Pick up crates to get ...

  • Sneaky Sniper 3

    In the shooting game Sneaky Sniper you work as an agent for a secret organisation and it is your duty to use your sniper skills in orde...

Strategy Games

Driving Games

  • License Quest

    Get your license without being distracted by the girl!

  • FMX Team

    Freestyle motocross game.

  • Buggy Bricks 2

    Shoot the correct blocks, but not before you sometimes use them to get farther in the level.

  • Mining Truck 2

    bring the cargo to the endpoint within the time limit without loosing any cargo on the way. Earn money to upgrade your mining truck and...

Retro Games

  • Pixel Purge

    Collect pixels to level up and gain skill points, then spend those points to upgrade. Use the WASD or arrow keys to move, and the mouse...

  • Test Subject Blue

    Control the blue enzyme and make sure it finds the foodpill in each level. Find the right keycards and use it to enter the portal and p...

  • Bomb Diver

    The retro upgrade game Bomb Diver features 2 different tasks: First you have to dodge the bombs and after landing you gotta shoot them!

  • Super Mario 3: Star Scramble

    Collect the stars and get Mario through all levels jumping over obstacles or enemies

Other Games

  • Enlarge Your Slip

    Funny Yeti-like skill game where you have to fire a little bear as far as possible.

  • Darkness 2

    It's really too bad, you are stuck in a dark nightmarish place. You need to find the path to the exit. But you have nothing but lots of...

  • The Cannon Man

    Fire your dare devil out of the cannon and threw the fiery rings. Later levels include trampolines.

  • Space Race

    Let's not get too political here. It's 1969 and your mission is to fly your rocket too the moon... FIRST! Upgrade and fly to win this S...

Game Collections

  • Boxhead Games


    These boxheaded zombies are out for your sould. Destroy them using guns and explosive barrels.

    Boxhead The Zombie Wars

    Fight an army of zombies using awesome new weapons.

    Boxhead More Rooms

    More Boxhead, More Rooms, More Zombie Kabooms!