• Medieval Shark


    You are a medieval shark and it is your goal to bring mayhem and destruction!

    Medieval Shark
  • Takeover


    Fight off enemy units and conquer all castles.

  • Hobo 6: Hell


    Hobo is stranded in hell. Help him take out the bad guys using all he's got!

    Hobo 6: Hell
  • Angry Birds Rio


    What happens when everybody's favorite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry!

    Angry Birds Rio
  • Happy Wheels


    Challenge to race to the exit of each level, getting hurt really really bad!!!

    Happy Wheels

This Week's New Selected Games

  • J Tubeus Steam Adventures

    Allow me to introduce J. Tubeus, a petty bourgeois Steam Punk who stumbled into a real adventure... which demands pointing and clicking...

  • NY Rex

    Everybody hearts New York... even this giant Mr. T. Rex! Use WASD and mouse to stroll through cities, destroy stuff and eat up passers-...

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  • Bunnyland

    Welcome to Bunny Land, the place of the happy rodents, at least if they get some carrots. BTW, that's your part in this physics puzzle ...

  • Super Strike Of Rage

    Enough of that bla blah, it's time to lambast your coworkers and release all your anger in the pixel beat em up game Super Strike Of Ra...

  • Colony Defenders 2

    Grow your colony and protect it against hordes of monsters by placing your towers in the epic turret defense game Colony Defenders 2.

  • Eat Rockets 2 Wizard

    These goblins are not only ugly, they're evil too. So the gotta eat some rockets. As a wizard you fire and guide bullets in this skill ...

  • Picross Madness

    A good way to waste coffee breaks for the next few weeks. Check numbers and click boxes in the Nonogram puzzle game Picross Madness.

  • Shape Shifter

    In the platform puzzle game Shape Shifter you can jump, run, crush and even eat blocks. Just morph into the character with the right sk...

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  • Cover Orange Journey Pirates

    Cover your Oranges once again as the physics puzzle journey continues. Drop various objects to cover them from the pirate cloud's rain.

  • Artillerize

    Jump, run, drag and drop blocks, collect ammo and take control of the big cannons to take down the UFOs in the pixel art action game Ar...

  • How Dare You

    How Dare You!!! No one bothers the mighty guru! Take revenge on that shrimpy worm in this truly great launcher, distance and upgrade ga...

  • Last Ninja From Another Planet

    Mutants are about to conquer the earth and the only one who could stop them is a Last Ninja From Another Planet in this sliding puzzler...

  • Toms Cruise

    You are Tom, a guy who had one too many and does now have to find out what happened the other night. Join Tom's Cruise in this pnc adve...

  • Awesome Mushroom Hunter

    He only wanted to go on a harmless mushroom foray, but the Awesome Mushroom Hunter stumbled into an Awesome Mushroom Hunter hunt!

  • 2D World

    This skill game happens in a 2D World, but there IS a third dimension: Physics! Use the orbs to get all the green objects to their exit...

  • Yakuza Rising

    You are the Super Yakuza Boy in this pixel style action platform game. Use arrows and ZXC to run, jump and fight and master the levels.

  • Rock Paper Scissor Wizard

    Hey you scissor sisters, here's one for you. In this tricky platform puzzle game you are a wizard and can turn into rocks, papers and s...

  • Warlords Epic Conflict

    Life's a battlefield, this strategy war game too. Spawn your soldiers, defeat enemies and conquer the land in Warlords - Epic Conflict.

  • Cavern

    Enter the Cavern to escape the Cavern! Use your mouse to move and to solve little puzzles in this classic point and click adventure gam...

  • Nunchuck Charlie

    Watch out Chuck Norris cause here comes Nunchuck Charlie! Beat up funny creatures in this awesome brawler and save Mr. Teddington.

  • Loot Heroes

    Time to fill your bag of loot! Pick your Loot Hero and start fighting your way through the dungeons, use weapons and spell to defeat mo...

  • Tinysasters 2

    Create cities, farms, sawmills, temples and take care your civilization can resist natural disasters in Tinysasters 2 - Rise of the Nex...

  • Super Shogun Ninja

    Stroll through the darkest levels and eliminate all your enemies as soon as possible as the Super Shogun Ninja in this hell of a game.

  • Pillow City

    Peaceful Pillow City has changed! Zombies took over the place and you have to fight them while collecting stuff and searching for your ...

  • Vehicles 3 Car Toons

    You like cartoons? Then you must play Car Toons! Park your vehicles and push bad vehicles oof the screen in the physics puzzler Vehicle...

  • Black Bit Ninja

    This is the Way of the Black Bit Ninja! Use mouse to fling that silent killer through the levels of this skill game with only a limited...

  • Fragile Fauna

    It's a Fragile Fauna in this fluffy kind of avoider game, so take care and don't aim your shotgun on cute animals while collecting marb...

  • Doors 2 Daves New Job

    This is Dave's New Job: To slave away on the building site. Go through doors to bend gravity and reach the exits in the creative puzzle...

  • Cyroad

    Cyroad is a fancy and colorful 3d racing game, definitely nothing for the epileptics of you. Use your mouse to move, collect and dodge ...

  • Forbidden Arms

    Are you using Forbidden Arms? Good! Main thing that you have fun while killing your enemies in this ninja action game. And that's blood...

  • Railroad Journey

    Help that little dwarf on his Railroad Journey in this skill game. Use your mouse to collect treasures, to jump and to change the switc...

  • Shybot

    This bot might be shy but it's sure capable of spending you a nice retro time in this pixel art platform game. Jump, run and avoid stuf...

  • Copy Shot

    The platform puzzle game Copy Shot is a real brain cracker. Use your cyber gun to copy and paste elements to pave your way to the exits...

  • One Button Vania

    If it's Castlevania with just one key than it's One Button Vania! Jump, run and fight your way through the castle with your mouse butto...

Action / Adventure Games

  • Run Run Fury

    Run like a madman and shoot as many cops as you can before they take you down!

  • Trap Master

    Choose a monster and start defending your dungeoun, especially your doom crest in this action game.

  • Huje Adventure

    Huje Adventure is a supercute platform jump and run game, based on the physics puzzle game Huje Towers. Use your arrows to move your bl...

  • Callidus

    What a twist! Although the puzzle game Callidus is a platformer you play it with your mouse. Simply drag and drop your sprite and other...

Sports Games

  • Mini Golf 99 Holes

    It's a 99 hole miniature golf course. This should take up a good part of your productive work day.

  • Crunch Ball 3000

    Very nice remake of Speedball.

  • The White Horse

    Welcome to the world of horse racing!!. You just bought a magnificent white horse with all chances to become a true champion. You have ...

  • The Champions 3D

    Run your team back and forth across the soccer field as you grab the ball and kick it into the goal.

Puzzle Games

  • Triadz

    Enjoy playing a multiplayer game able to flip-over yours and your opponent's brain. You will see the

  • Shields of Gemland

    Use the cannon to destroy the lowering balls and collect powerups.

  • Demolition City 2

    Travel all over the world and fulfill demolition contracts for individuals requiring your help. Utilize different explosives and strate...

  • Horror Plant 2

    Try to get the plant as big as possible eating all human beings each of the levels.

Shoot 'em up Games

  • Unreal Flash 2007

    The second explosive instalment in the hugely popular Unreal Flash series!

  • Cool West

    Evil penguins from Antarctica are at war with the West. Help the brave animals defend their land and drive the penguins back from where...

  • Delivery Man

    Action shooter. Keep the bad guys of your delivery truck and defeat the giant end bosses.

  • Catnarok - Longcat Rampage 2

    Do you actually know your meme? Meet all the stars in the funny shoot'em up action game called Catnarok - Longcat Rampage 2.

Strategy Games

  • Eridani

    Build and upgrade various devices in order to defeat your enemies and to conquer more space in the strategy game Eridani. Check the tut...

  • Toys vs Nightmares

    Fight against your nightmares full of monsters coming out of your wardrobe. Use all sorts of toys to destroy the incoming enemy waves.

  • Ski Resort Mogul

    Manage your very own ski resort in this sim game. Get schooled by your manager grandma and then try to become the Ski Resort Mogul.

  • Minecraft Tower Defense

    Survive as much waves of enemy attacks as possible. Create your own path to your base and place defensive towers along it to make sure ...

Driving Games

  • Mad Monday

    Equip up to three weapons, force other vehicles off the road or just shoot them, jump over bridges a

  • Shopping Cart Hero

    How far can you get in your shopping cart?

  • Skidpan

    Select a vehicle and track, and lay some skid marks!

  • Stickman Freeride

    Stickman Freeride is a cool bike riding game. Use the arrow keys to balance your way through to mountain biker glory.

Retro Games

  • Master Miner

    Master Miner is a new version of the classic retro game Boulderdash (or Emerald Mine) even if it doesn't look new. And it's a really ch...

  • Soom

    Bend your mind and also the levels in the creative platform puzzle game Soom in which you fold the screen and create portals to pave yo...

  • Dungeon Deadline

    This is one really short dungeon game. Short because you just have some seconds to stroll, shoot and collect stuff until you go to the ...

  • Enough Plumbers 2

    Wow, that should be enough plumbers! Handle and reproduce an increasing amount of sprites and reach the exits in the puzzler Enough Plu...

Other Games

  • Test Pilot

    Use wheels, engines, propellers and other parts to build vehicles that are capable of reaching the goal in each level. Set the controls...

  • Cuboy Hot Pants

    Liar, Liar, pants on fire! Run as fast as you can to outrun the violently erupting volcano.

  • Jackal Operation

    What about a fluffy tank game with even more fluffy sounds? Then you are ready for Operation Jackal! Use WASD to drive and your mouse t...

  • Fractured 2

    In the sequel to the platform puzzle game Fractured you have to jump and run through simple levels... but of course they're fractured a...

Game Collections

  • Boxhead Games


    These boxheaded zombies are out for your sould. Destroy them using guns and explosive barrels.

    Boxhead The Zombie Wars

    Fight an army of zombies using awesome new weapons.

    Boxhead More Rooms

    More Boxhead, More Rooms, More Zombie Kabooms!