Puzzle Games

  • Cave Dudes

    Get the cave dudes to the exit as they flip levers, push boxes, and throw rocks.

  • Sota

    Sota is a creative and very easy puzzle game in which you have to place light sources into the screens to floodlight all the levels!

  • Waterfalls 3

    Guide the streams of light to the empty shapes to fill them. Use the items in the screen to guide and direct the flow of lightening.

  • Stolen Art

    Help out the museum to find out which paintings are fake and which ones are real. Spot the differences!

  • Bullet Maze

    Try to move your orb carefully through the Bullet Maze using your mouse. Hit the mouse button to change color and pass various obstacle...

  • Blockage 2

    Blockade? Have a break with Blockage 2! In this clever puzzle game you have to fill gaps and try to get all the blocks to their markers...

  • Orange Gravity

    The physics game Orange Gravity reminds on the Cut the Rope puzzlers. Slice and use the given objects to get the fruit to the exits!

  • Binga

    You've gotta solve different puzzle tasks but also some physics levels in order to proceed in the cute point and click puzzle game Bing...

  • Color Joy

    Get a colored object to reach the portal in order to proceed to the next level. Collect all the stars to reach the secret, final level.

  • Monst

    Scare people away to complete each level. Use items in each level to reach the victim.

  • The Vault Job

    Get the vault door at the vault. Use or remove objects to succeed.

  • Swift Turn 2

    Get your square headed block through the physics engine based levels, solve funny puzzles and collect all the stars in Swift Turn 2.

  • Briker 2

    Get the blue block in the golden square to proceed to the next level. Make sure the blue block does not fall from the platform.

  • Level Editor 2

    Guide the stickman through each level safe using elements of the level to get him to the exit.

  • Colormore

    Roll that bubble monster through the levels of the physics puzzle game Colormore, push buttons and change gravity to reach the exits.

  • RetroBlox

    Clear each of the levels from blocks. All adjacent blocks from the block that you select will be removed. Make sure to clear the entire...

  • The Wizard of Blox 2

    The Wizard of Blox 2 is a simple physics game, your goal is to place the colored shapes so that you make each color disappear. Do not l...

  • Blueprint 3D

    Complete each of the 3D puzzles rotating the object until you find the right perspective. Try to complete each level.

  • Bomb It 4

    Bomb It 4 is a fun skill game, you're the master of your own gaming experience. Your goal is to blow away the competition.

  • Piggy Wiggy

    Piggy Wiggy is a physics puzzle game in which your goal is to get the pigs eat the acorns. Use ropes to get the pigs to the acorns. Wat...

  • Nuts and Bolts

    Crack some puzzle nuts in Nuts and Bolts. Use your mouse to guide your robot through the mazes and use and re-use different planks!

  • Odd Ducks

    Just remove everything from the screen except the odd, blue ducks in this chilling yet challenging physics puzzle skill game.

  • Prizma Puzzle Challenges

    Solve the puzzles by guiding the energy from the start to the end of each level. You only have a fixed number of moves to succeed.

  • Smash All Zombies

    Smash all zombies using various cars. Make sure the cars stay in the field and all zombies are smashed before proceeding to the next le...

  • Droplem

    It's slicing time again in the physics puzzle game Droplem. Use your mouse to slice the shapes and try to remove the green ones.

  • Monster Island

    Explode all the blue monsters on the screen as you carefully target them with different ammo.

  • Duck and Roll

    Chop objects to get the duck into the water, as you grab all the stars. Annoying mid-level ads.

  • The Bee Way

    Guide your bee threw honeycombs as you grab stars. Avoid touching the walls as pathway disappears.

  • Happy Builder

    Become the ultimate builder in the Builder of the year competition. Use your crane to pick up and place stuff.

  • Factory Balls 4

    Make a replica from the example ball in each level. Use paint, masks and other items to succeed.

  • Robrain

    Orange! This Robot needs your brain. Guide it through the lean but quite challenging puzzle platform levels, grab batteries and reach e...

  • Brilliant Crystals

    Basically, the puzzle game Brilliant Crystals is another Bubble Puzzle shooter... but it comes with loads of extra magic!

  • Cut and Kill Halloween

    Collect all of the pumpkins in each level to proceed. Cut and slice through the wooden objects to make the monster move right to the pu...

  • Pumpkin Remover 3

    Remove rotten pumpkins as you save fresh ones, and toast black ones. Gravity enters levels later.

  • Spideriana

    Solve the puzzles of spider webs. Make sure the webs don't cross each other. Move the spiders as little as you can to get the highest s...

  • Techno Mania

    This robot has a lot of skills... but no brain! So tell him exactly what to do in this platform puzzle game and guide him to the exits.

  • Kick the Block

    Get the red blocks off the screen, while saving the green ones as you slice through wood shapes.

  • Verminator

    You are an exterminator and you need to use cheese to dispose of the rodent problem.

  • Exit Searcher

    Find the exit of each of the labyrinth moving boxen to accomplish.

  • Wizards: Puzzle War

    Turn-based puzzle game that challenges you to destroy your opponents combining items.

  • Crash The Robot 2

    Place bombs and other devices to activate mechanisms that destroy the robot in each of the levels.

  • Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2

    Select a monkey and make it smile in each of the levels to set the highest score. Try to use as less clicks as possible solving the puz...

  • Kick Out Green Pigs

    Get all the green pig blocks off the screen in each level. Use the red angry bird blocks to amplify or minify so the green blocks fall ...

  • Penguin Slice Valentine

    Get rid of the evil penguins using a cutter to slice through elements that cause the bad penguins to fall or get hit. Save the good pen...

  • Electro Magnetic

    Roll your magnetic thingy through the screens of the platform puzzle game Electro Magnetic and use magnetism skills to climb walls.

  • Netbots

    Connect different Netbots with your mouse and work off all the given targets in this puzzle game. Click the Undo Button to redo steps.


Best Rated

  • The World's Hardest Game

    This one lives up to its name.

  • The Man with the Invisible Trousers

    You are part of an elite detective team, but when your boss is murdered, who can you trust? Put your detective skills to the test in th...

  • Key Room Escape

    Use your puzzle solving skills to escape the Key Room.

  • Bubblez

    Enjoy multiplayer version of the classic Bubble Shooter game!

  • Absentia

    Collect the scattered notes and try to find your missing father. Click on hidden note fragments; click to move through scenes; and drag...

  • Pet Season

    Catch animals in the puzzle game Pet Season. Collect at least 3 animals in a row to play them from the playboard. Try to set the highes...

  • Starlight 2

    Up, up, up in the skies... Rotate the star constellation using your mouse until it shows a picture again in the sequel to the relaxing ...

  • Birdish Petroleum

    The birdies are mad because an oil platform is destroying the island they live on. Time for revenge! Use the special abilities of each ...

  • Splash Back

    Splash Back - Burst blobs and making combos to clear the level in this nice puzzle game.

  • Gemz

    Match colorful gems in match-3 puzzle game! Discover 50 fascinating levels, 3 types of bonuses and h