Shoot 'em up Games

  • Head Hunter 3

    Follow your mission objective as you snipe the bad guys in the proper order. Allows level skipping.

  • Stickshot 2

    You are a rogue hitman that needs to look for his targets to eliminate them. Try to kill your enemies before they kill you. Earn cash a...

  • Boxhead: The Nightmare

    In this new episode of the Boxhead games you are responsible for killing as much badasses as possible using a huge pile of weaponry, gu...

  • Zombies vs Penguins

    Kill all zombies each level using a gun with bullets. Make sure to use the ricochet effect to kill all zombies with a limited amount of...

  • Frantic Frigates

    Arrrh, wipe out all these Frantic Frigates and become king od the seas in this action game. Use mouse to move and to upgrade your ship.

  • Anyway Fish

    Play a well-armed fish in the very cute shooter game Anyway Fish. Use your arrows to move and A or S to shoot or to activate auto-fire.

  • Head Hunter 2

    Mind your missions as you zoom into your target and clear him of his brain. Small side missions.

  • Rabbit Sniper 3

    Line up your shots so the ricochets take out enemies, boxes, bombs, and more.

  • Teelombies Infection

    Angry Birds meets Infectonator: Fire zombies and try to infect as many people as possible in the fun physics puzzler Teelombies Infecti...

  • Line of Fire

    Sidescrolling action shooter with hand drawn graphics, full voice overs and loads of enemies.

  • Dead Metal

    Arcade space shooter based on the Bubble Tanks game engine with 30 enemy types across 5 races and big boss ships to shoot into pieces!

  • Fortress Magnus

    Wipe out all enemy units and bring back the princess using your flying castle. Earn cash to upgrade your castle to prepare for the fina...

  • Delivery Man

    Action shooter. Keep the bad guys of your delivery truck and defeat the giant end bosses.

  • Angry Birds Rio

    What happens when everybody's favorite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry!

  • SWAT: Awesome Edition

    You are a sniper stickman and it is your goal to complete all missions and kill as much enemy units as possible. Pick up crates to get ...

  • Zombie Train

    The train is under attack of zombies. Try to kill them all before the train enters the next station, and even more zombies.

  • Granny Strikes Back

    Help the granny that lives in the forest to protect her place from being taken over by aliens. Destroy all incoming alien creatures. Af...

  • Bio Balancer

    Defend your position and creatures as you gun down incoming enemies in this top-down defender.

  • Ninja Dogs 2

    Retrieve the secret scrolls that the evil cat has stolen. Use a slingshot to fire dogs at the enemy structures.

  • Warzone Getaway 2

    Protect your jeep from the chasing enemy units. Use guns, grenades, air support and other devices to keep the enemy away. After each wa...

  • Tank Blitz Zero

    Break through enemy defense lines using your upgradable Venom 1 tank. Use bombs, rockets, machine guns and more to take out enemy units...

  • Effing Machines

    Prevent the city from being taken over by robot machines. Collect the scraps to buy new weapons and devices with in order to save the c...

  • Toxie Radd 3D

    All Duke Nukems of you, here comes your Doom for the next minutes! Shoot your way through the 3D action shoot'em up game Toxie Radd 3D!

  • Harbor Sniper

    Read your mission and try to shoot the targets. Not all missions require head blasting.

  • Cowboy Duel

    Buy guns, ammo, and manage your health as you quick draw to take out other cowboys.

  • Giraffe Got Game

    Upgrade and survive as a giraffe against attacks from characters from other flash games.

  • Defend Your Nuts

    In the shooting game Defend Your Nuts you are a squirrel that needs to protect his acorns against waves of evil monsters.

  • Bullet 2

    A shooting range where you shoot other snipers and complete intense challenges, with a cool slow motion bloody effect.

  • W Zone

    Fight loads of enemy waves and protect the base at all cost. Gain cash to buy upgrades to survive.

  • Monster Mowdown 2

    Mow down all those monsters in the action game Monster Mowdown 2. Use mouse to aim and shoot, hit space to call for back-up.

  • Arise and Die Again

    In the single arena, avoid enemies as long as possible as you get new guns, and pick up powerups.

  • Experimental Shooter

    Your goal in this puzzle shooting game is to remove all the white balls from the playing field. Each level has different rules to compl...

  • Brave Kings: Level Pack

    Kill the occupant of each structure in each level. Use cannons, trebuchets or crossbows to succeed.

  • Madness Ambulation

    Help Stanford and Deimos survive the Madness. Shake of the bad guys and survive for 10 waves.

  • Redneck VS Zombies

    Get on that bad ass chopper, grab your gun and get ready to kill some living dead scum-bags. Yeehaw!

  • Versus Umbra

    Fight against hordes of enemies using all sorts of weapons. Collect cash and inventium to craft new armor, weapons and other items.

  • Mass Mayhem 4

    Destroy as much people, cars and other stuff to gain a maximum amount of money. Perform the objectives and get extra cash to upgrade yo...

  • Selena Wars

    Control a spacecraft and it is your mission to eliminate enemy units and structures each level. Use guns and bombs and watch out not to...

  • Kamikaze Blocks 123

    Physics puzzle. Get all of the blocks off the screen using a limited amount of kamikaze bombs.

  • Helmet Bombers 3

    Destroy all the enemy soldiers with as few bombs as possible. Do not kill those guys with white flags.

  • Raze 2

    The earth is once again invade by aliens. You and other task force members are infected with a zombie virus. Use your tactical, combat ...

  • City Siege 3: Jungle Siege

    Complete the missions in order to rescue the hostages and destroy all enemy units. Earn cash to build a team of skilled army men with d...

  • Catnarok - Longcat Rampage 2

    Do you actually know your meme? Meet all the stars in the funny shoot'em up action game called Catnarok - Longcat Rampage 2.

  • Kaboomz 3

    Pop all balloons in each level using a cannon. You have a limited amount of cannonballs and some of the balloons need special treatment...

  • Aerial Voyager

    Get on your dragon and fight against the inter-dimensional foes that try to take over the kingdom. Use gunfire, spells and projectiles ...

  • Tribulation

    Wipe out these damn zombies in the top-down action game Tribulation. Use WASD to move and your mouse to aim and shoot hordes of undeads...

  • Sneaky Sniper 3

    In the shooting game Sneaky Sniper you work as an agent for a secret organisation and it is your duty to use your sniper skills in orde...

  • Codename Indigo

    Wipe out all enemy activity in order to revenge your lost friends. Use all sorts of weapons and grenades to survive each level. Pick up...


Best Rated

  • Vector Conflict Siege

    Who is the sentinel? You, you is the sentinel! Let's go back in time, 20 years or so and fight vector devices in the retro action game ...

  • Catnarok

    Help that giant long cat by FIRING YOUR LAAAZOOORS!!1

  • Medieval Rampage

    Battle your way through 25 waves of non-stop combat to avenge your village.

  • Clash Of The Olympians

    Choose your favorite Greek hero and defend the Olympus by fighting various enemies!

  • Battle of Survival

    Play capture the flag against others in this multiplayer sidescroller.

  • Insectonator: Zombie Mode

    Destroy all zombies using a big arsenal of weapons. Smash the fallen bodies to take them all out.

  • Starcraft Brood War Episode IV

    Protect the marine from harm as you snipe all enemies coming after him. Waves get harder and harder.

  • IndestructoCopter

    Take the Destiny of your country into your hands as you fight to protect its citizens from the Enemy

  • Ghost Guidance

    Use the arrow keys to fly, the A key to fire available weapons, and the S key to self destruct your current ship. When outside a host s...

  • Shoot Zombies With Guns

    A short game of shooting zombies quickly on each floor of the building. Can you hit every zombie?